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About OCPA

Our Mission

Orange County People for Animals is a Southern California-based 501(c)3 non-profit animal advocacy organization founded in 1988 to help create a compassionate, healthy and peaceful planet for all living beings.

Our mission is to have our guiding principles present in the fabric of everyday society:

  • Every being has the right to live free from exploitation.
  • By educating people, we will create a compassionate, healthy and peaceful planet.
  • There are consequences to every individual's actions.
  • All life is interconnected.

Our Activities

Our activities include humane education, community speaking, educational seminars, outreach programs and tabling, events promoting awareness of animal rights, and legislation and media contact.

Issues We Tackle

We focus on the following issues:

  • Factory farming - animals raised for food
  • Animals exploited in entertainment including zoos, circuses, rodeos, dog/horse races, bullfights, acquaria or movies
  • Animals killed for sport or fashion (hunting, fishing and trapping)
  • Vivisection - experimentation upon animals for science, medicine or education
  • Companion animals, wildlife and marine mammals
  • Healthy diet and planet - promotion of a vegetarian/vegan diet

Our Board of Directors

Tina Locklear, President

Tina Locklear has been acting President of Orange County People for Animals since 2000. As a staunch defender of the animals, she has worked on projects ranging from protesting, rescuing abandoned and homeless animals, shelter volunteering, drafting of animal rights legislation, participating in outreach (through petitions, TV, newspaper and radio interviews), hosting various animal rights events, lobbying politicians and corporate entities to change their non-animal friendly policies and positions, and tabling at local events to get information on issues to the general public. Tina believes that education and reasoned dialogue is the only way to raise the general awareness of the plight of animals in order to effect change for the better.

Tina is a lawyer with more than a dozen years of experience in business law and consumer protection litigation. She is principal at the Law Offices of Tina Locklear, a Southern California trial and litigation firm established in 2006 specializing in representing small businesses and consumers ( In addition, the firm does some pro bono work on behalf of those “without a voice” (including animals, homeless and low-income persons needing help accessing services).

Tina is also a board member of LINC Housing, a nonprofit group with $20M in assets offering affordable housing and services to low-income persons ( She is also on the referral panel of the Orange County Bar Association, offering assistance to businesses and consumers (including low income candidates). Prior to managing her own law office, Tina was General Counsel of First American Corporation’s Property Information Group, a group within the Fortune 300 company that dealt with intellectual property, data and technology. Tina received her law degree from the Western State University College of Law, where she graduated with honors. She graded onto Law Review her first year, and served in various positions including Managing Editor her last year. Presently she is a member of the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association (“OCTLA”), the Orange County Bar Assocation (“OCBA”), the California Consumer Attorneys Association (“CCAA”), and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (“NACBA”).

Tina is proud to work on behalf of the animals with her fellow Board Members, Ava Park (founder) and Pamela Kurp. She states with gratitude that working with them for the last 12 years has been a life changing activity that has brought clarity and understanding about the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Rev. Ava Park, Founder and Past President

Ava Park founded OCPA in 1988, the area’s largest animal group, and currently serves as a member of the Board.

Ava is also the author and teacher of "Queen Archetype in Woman.” Ava is the founder of The Goddess Temple of Orange County (, a unique church for all faiths with a particular sensitivity to the environment and animal issues, holding “reverence for all life” and the spirit that animals are our equal brothers and sisters.

Ava is a popular speaker to civic, professional and spiritual groups on animal issues, and goddess spirituality (the ancient foundation for all modern “mainstream” religions, and the one spirituality that all humans have in common); she has been interviewed on tv and radio worldwide — “... very real, very wise, and very funny!” Ava's background includes work as a women's ritualist; a radio show host for "Visionaries,” KUCI 1990-95, voted “most popular show” on campus every year; a board member for International Tibet Independence Movement (a Tibetan freedom activist); and a social activist for the return of Woman’s “Queen Aspect” and Her ancient natural spiritual authority on earth. Ava has been profiled in the L.A. Times and other publications, and was named “Citizen of the Year” in OC Weekly in 1996. She has been a successful 1980s businesswoman, a visionary who was able to establish two progressive organizations (OCPA and The Goddess Temple of Orange County) based in conservative Orange County, California.

Ava is a graduate of “Cella,” a six-year program, receiving a master’s degree in women’s spirituality, Women’s Thealogical Institute, reformed Congregation of the Goddess (; and a graduate of "Woman Mysteries,” a two-year priestess training program, Vajra Ma (

Pamela Kurp, Director of Communications

Pamela has a strong background in marketing, technical writing, web development, business analysis and project management. She has been a self-employed independent consultant managing her own marketing and technical services company for the past 20 years (

Pamela now lives in Oregon with her dog, Shadow, where she also volunteers for local non-profit animal and environmental groups - and occasionally dabbles in vegan food catering.

Pamela is currently creating a vegan guide/DVD covering all aspects of veganism including nutritional information, shopping guides, recipes, video cooking demonstrations, meal plans, and much more; she is also about to publish an accompanying website and blog.

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