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Calf Roping (The Most Cowardly Rodeo Event)

It is not hard for anyone with a brain and a heart to understand what is wrong with clotheslining a baby animal, body slamming it to the ground and tying it legs so it cannot move. If this were done to a puppy or kitten, the offender would be charged with crimes and likely jailed.

Incredibly, rodeo people have no problem with committing an act of cruelty and cowardice against a baby cow during calf roping. A roping calf is only three to four months old. After that, they become too heavy for the "macho" cowboys to handle.

Calf-roping on the range bears no resemblance to calf roping at the rodeo. In the rodeo, it is a timed event, and indefensible abuse to the calf is the price paid for a competitive time. On the range, calves are roped carefully, and slowly brought to a halt.

On the range, calves are roped for care, or to protect them from danger. In rodeos, calves are endangered for amusement. This "sport" violently and specifically preys upon baby animals, and then calls itself "family entertainment!"

Rodeo Bucking Events (A Perversion of Ranch History)

In the old west, wild horses were captured and domesticated for work on the range. During capture, they didn't need to be spurred, or to have bucking straps tightened around them. They didn't have to be shocked or slapped or otherwise abused because they were truly wild.

The rodeo bucking horse is not wild. In a reversal of western history, domesticated horses are made to act wild by irritation, discomfort and pain. Rodeo horses often refuse to buck even when they are spurred and have the flank strap on. It is called "chute stalling." Chute stalling usually results in a 5000-volt dose of pain from a shock device for the "guilty" bucking horse. The horse who simply refuses to buck is headed for the slaughterhouse.

Steer Wrestling (It Never Happened on the Ranch; It Shouldn't Happen in Rodeos)

Steer wrestling has no place in ranch history. It is an abusive event developed simply to amuse people of questionable character and intelligence.

Bull Riding (Another Rodeo Event Completely Unrelated to Ranch Work)

Like the victims of bullrings, the huge size and fierce appearance of a bull makes him the perfect target for animal abusers. Rodeos know they can fool many people into believing that the bull is impervious to pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, bulls were never ridden in ranch work.

Typically, it is bulls who receive the worst abuse from electric shocking in rodeos. Cows are particularly sensitive to electricity, and rodeo animal abusers use that to their advantage to make calm, docile bulls appear to be wild killers.

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