Founder / Director

Ava Park founded OCPA in 1988 to educate Southern Californians about institutionalized animal abuse. In ten years, Ava was arrested eight times for civil disobedience related to animal rights, including at the Rose Parade, where she and six others halted with their bodies the General Motors float to focus attention on GM's horrific animal crash studies. Ava has been featured in numerous articles describing her work in Orange Coast Magazine and other publications, was the subject of the Sunday Profile in the L.A. Times, and appears in print media, radio, and television discussing animal rights and nonviolence. For five years she hosted a weekly talk radio show, "Visionaries," interviewing leaders in non-violence, human rights, women’s rights, animal rights/welfare, the environment, and metaphysics. In 1998, Ava was named Citizen of the Year by OC Weekly. Ava is an ordained minister and Founder and Spiritual Director of The Goddess Temple of Orange County, the only temple of its kind in the United States dedicated to honoring the Sacred Feminine. Ava creates community rituals and ceremonies, including beautiful animal memorial services for companion animals who have passed on. She also marries couples, facilitates house and birth blessings, divorce rituals, and more. She is a popular speaker in Orange County on the topics of animals rights and women’s spirituality. To book her as a speaker or minister, call 949-651-0564.