Animals for Food

Farm animals endure a lot of pain and misery during their shortened lives in order to end up on dinner plates…

Animals for Entertainment

Separated from their parents at a young age, only to end up serving their lives as involuntary forms of human entertainment…

Animals for Fashion

Whether captured by traps or raised in cages, animals were never meant to sacrifice their skin, fur or feathers for humans in the name of “fashion.”

Animals for Science

There are more accurate and humane ways to discover whether medicine, chemicals, cosmetics and other products are safe for human consumption…

Animals for Sport

Why is it considered a “sport” to hunt and kill animals for fun and/or food?

Companion Animals

Our initial experiences with animals often involve a companion pet who we consider a part of the family and wouldn’t dream of harming…

Human Health

Plant-based diets are now very common and are proven to be the healthiest choice for improved health and the prevention of diseases.


Raising animals for food consumes vast amounts of natural resources and adversely impacts our environment / planet and future.